Happy Learning @ Home

with Mandy Halgreen

What is this podcast about?

Helping students doing online homeschool through 'Tutoring with Mandy' get the most out of the services and support we offer. Mandy offers her guidance and advice on topics such as motivation, stress, study methods, goal setting, mental fatigue, and how to get the support you need to succeed in your academic journey.

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Happy Learning @ Home The C word

The biggest obstacle students face is having to face their mistakes and fixing them. Let’s look at why making corrections are important, and and how to manage the workload that brings. Podcast Notes: 0:00     Why corrections are important to learning 01:25        How doing corrections builds confi…

Happy Learning @ Home: Asking for help

In this episode we dive into what asking for help looks like and why it is important. Podcast Notes: 0:00Asking for help can be a big challenge for some, but what we need to learn is that we each have the ability to answer our own questions.0:18sQuestions are good! We need to let go of self-do…

Mandy Halgreen, Founder & CEO of Tutoring with Mandy

Meet Mandy Halgreen,
our CEO and Founder.

Mandy taught Montessori Upper Elementary from 2011 until 2014, when she started her own homeschool for high school students [Form 1-6]. She eventually expanded the school to accommodate younger pupils.

With teaching experience spanning more than 8 years, our students have access to a large database of learning and exam preparation material.

Mandy has also developed and published 3 books which help students learn effective studying methods suited to their learning styles. To enquire into availability of these books, please email her directly.