Online Cambridge Schooling

Fun and convenient education.
Vital skills for lifelong learning.
Online, anywhere.

Grade 1-7 US $60/month
Form 1-6 US $70/month

Provide Structure

An organized and system that helps students maintain healthy habits.

Implement Routines

Routine based work that help students concentrate and retain information.

Teach Vital Life Skills

Students also learn - taking responsibility, time management, & communication.

Play Video


Grade 1-3

Grade 4-7

Form 1-6

Grade 1-7 US $60/month
Form 1-6 US $70/month

Mandy Halgreen, Founder & CEO of Tutoring with Mandy

Meet Mandy Halgreen,
our CEO and Founder.

Mandy taught Montessori Upper Elementary from 2011 until 2014, when she started her own homeschool for high school students [Form 1-6]. She eventually expanded the school to accommodate younger pupils.

With teaching experience spanning more than 8 years, our students have access to a large database of learning and exam preparation material.

Mandy has also developed and published 3 books which help students learn effective studying methods suited to their learning styles. To enquire into availability of these books, please email her directly.


Interactive online learning system, using Google Classroom.

Students receive work daily/weekly, all printed material is supplied including textbooks, notes, diagrams, videos and audio information as needed.

Learners are assessed periodically, and encouraged to review and memorize material as they progress, through exercises, quizzes and tests.

Students receive work, tests, and assessments based on their needs and individual learning pace.

We support students from grade 1 (6/7 years) until 18 years of age, using the Cambridge University syllabus that allows students to learn across a variety of subjects.


Access to the internet.
Laptop, desktop computer, or tablet.
Cell phone access (optional).
Exercise books for math.
Notepads or notebooks.
Access to printing (Grade 1-3) to complete written exercises.
We provide a detailed stationery list upon admission.

Commonly Asked Questions

Answers to queries we frequently receive

Homeschool is a private system of schooling that is separate from a formal school. In our online schooling system, we follow the Cambridge syllabuses for all grades and forms. We have created resources and content for Grade 1-7 and Form 1-6, covering a variety of subjects. 

We use Google Classroom, students log in with their Google email address and password and access their work with their unique classroom code/s.

Payment is due by the last day of each month, for the next calendar month’s schooling. We use PayPal to send invoice and receive secure payments, locally and internationally. Cash payments are optional.

Payment is due on or before the last day of each month, for the next calendar month’s schooling.   

Access to the system will be put on hold if by the 5th of the month an amount remains outstanding on your account, or when an assessment is due (which ever comes first).  All services will be put on hold for outstanding accounts. 

Our teachers and assistants work hard to provide a high level of service to their area of responsibility and expertise.  Your dedication in accommodating our payment requirement allows us to keep supporting each student through ongoing encouragement, assessment, and personalized work.  

Students need a laptop, tablet or phone to access the platform. There is also a stationery list if you desire to use it. A maths book and/or graph book is helpful to all students doing maths.

Students do not receive a daily schedule from us, but each group/age receives specific work and assignments to complete during a specific time period.

Grade 1-3 get a timetable of work to do each week.  Grade 4-7 students receive a timetable of subjects and tasks to study or complete each day. Form 1-6 students receive assignments, each allowing 5-10 days to complete. Students receive their next assignment/note task on Monday mornings.

Our system is self-paced, therefore it can be customized to suit each student’s home or work circumstances, regardless of age.
We provide access to a course that shows how best to answer exam papers or work through past papers. If and when we are confident that they are ready, we will recommend that they apply to write their next exam.
Students write their exams [IGCSE O and A Levels] through the British Council. We will advise you when they are ready to write their exams.